Need to know? We can help.

How does 6:14 Ministries help churches?

We discuss and meet with key leadership (in-person or over the phone) to evaluate the needs of your church and the core issues you may be facing. We implement strategies for healthy growth and a healthy future. We also bring resources from our own staff and board, a team of men with several decades of combined ministry and leadership experience. For more on this, check out the What We Do Page.

Can you meet with our leadership in-person and on-site?

Yes, we are more than willing and able to travel to your church's physical location in order to meet with your pastoral staff and leadership.  

Does 6:14 Ministries help churches from all denominations?

We're glad to work with evangelical churches and ministries that understand and agree with our doctrinal values and belief system

Are there any monthly dues or upfront consulting fees? 

Initially, no. Because of our 501(c)(3) status, we are able to exist and operate based on the the generous monthly contributions of our ministry partners and supporters. However, if we need to minister to your church on a longterm basis and in a more in-depth manner, we may ask for extended financial support, such as coverage for any applicable traveling expenses, etc. 

Where is 6:14 Ministries located? 

Our Executive Director Stan Givens is headquartered in Mobile, Alabama where he is the Lead Pastor for Northside Bible Church. However, we have board and staff members located in various cities throughout Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi.  

Where does 6:14 Ministries work and how far are you willing and able to travel?

We are based out of Mobile, Alabama. We are open to traveling wherever the Lord calls us. Please reach out to our team via e-mail, our Contact page, or through one of our social media channels to request more information. 

Who leads 6:14 Ministries? 

Pastor Stan Givens of Northside Bible Church is our Executive Director. We also have a dedicated staff and board. You can meet them here.

Do you have a doctrinal statement or set of beliefs? 

Yes. You can find it by clicking here