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For over four decades, Pastor Stan has been faithfully and passionately presenting the Gospel through discipleship, youth ministry, collegiate & career ministry, singles ministry, Inductive Bible Study classes, small groups, senior pastorship, and local and global missions work. He has formed countless bonds and dozens of lasting connections with fellow pastors, as well as ministry leaders and volunteers. Hear from just a few of them below — in their own words — how God has personally influenced, encouraged, and impacted their lives through Pastor Stan's ministry.


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"Stan is a tenacious shepherd whose passion is to disciple men to lead in their marriages, family, and ministries. Stan has consistently modeled a lifestyle of listening intently, learning consistently, and leading effectively in both a personal and professional way. Stan is a faithful steward and and a faith-filled servant. I am both honored and humbled to serve alongside him in ministry. We served together on a large church staff and we have served in the trenches where many would not go and — if they did — would not stay long. Stan is a man who follows up, follows through, and finishes what God calls him to do." 

Dave Nielsen, Executive CEO Nielsen Ministries, Secretary 6:14 Ministries

"I've known Reverend Stan Givens for over forty years. I've served as a youth minister, police officer, pastor of a local church, and a law enforcement chaplain. Throughout my journey, Brother Stan has walked alongside me providing invaluable encouragement, wisdom, and counsel, all grounded in the Word of God and gleaned from his years of practical ministry experience. Stan's ministry programs are well-planned, deliberate, and applicable in any size congregation and I highly recommend them to you and your church. Stan is truly a pastor's pastor and a champion of the local church." 

Phillip Snodgrass, retired pastor. 

"I've known Pastor Stan for over 17 years, having served alongside him in student camp ministries, as well as through his revival service leadership at my church. I have visited and observed his pastoral abilities and capacities at Northside Bible Church in Mobile, Alabama and, over the years, I've also observed his personal integrity, dedication to his calling, and his excellent administration of the vision given to him by God. Brother Stan has my full endorsement in any endeavor that he may undertake because I know that it will be thought out, prayed over, and led by God." 

— Matt Rutland: Senior Pastor of First Congregational Christian Church, Douglas, GA; 2018 Camp Director: Camp Eunice, Roberta, GA

"Shepherds that smell like sheep are rare today, but Stan is one for sure. His heart for the Body of Christ is what drives him both in and out of the pulpit. When I need solid advice on pastoral issues, Stan is the first call that I make. His advice is not theory. It is tried, trusted, and tested on the frontlines of that he has waged for over 40 years. 'Authentic integrity' is what comes to mind when I try to describe Stan to fellow pastors who need to have Stan and 6.14 Ministries speak into their own hearts and churches. He's the same in the pulpit as he is in the coffee shop after church. 6.14 Ministries is desperately needed today and God has raised up both Stan and his son Josh for such a time as this. I can wholeheartedly recommend these men to you no matter where you find yourself in ministry. Stan has been there and is still standing by God's grace, and he will help you to stand strong as well." 

— Paul Dziadul: Lead Pastor of Lake Wildwood Baptist Church, Macon, GA

"I've had the blessing of knowing Stan Givens for 25 years and serving under his leadership in ministry and on international missions trips. He is a rare treasure that truly walks the walk, day in and day out, in good times and hard times. His consistent, unwavering faithfulness to the Lord, his commitment to love God's people well, and to shepherd them into strong, growing relationships with Jesus has been an encouragement and a blessing to myself and to countless others over the years. I am excited about his God-given vision for 6.14 Ministries and I believe that through this ministry God will continue to use Stan to walk with, encourage, train, and strengthen many more people for years to come!" 

— Amy Betts Quispe: Former Missionary to Peru and Romania  

"When I was drowning in sin and pain, God used a very loving and courageous man to pick me up, mimic His love toward me, and walk me toward a relationship with my God. That relationship gave me my first real hope and gave me life. Stan Givens was that man. As a professional who has spent nearly 30 years of his life involved with the building and developing of teams and organizations, I have discovered that there are precious few people who have the wisdom and understanding of how organizations (and the people within them) work and the ability to help lead those organizations and people toward longterm health and prosperity. Stan Givens, however, is indeed one of those precious few. 

If I was learning to write music, I might consult Bob Dylan. If I was building a football team, I would seek out Nick Saban. If I was launching an organization into retail space, I would certainly reach out to David Green. And if God charged me with building or revitalizing a ministry, church, or service organization, Stan Givens would be my first call." 

Scott Shewmake: Lead Consultant, Alternus Group

"It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend the ministry of 6.14 Ministries. Stan Givens is a shepherd of people, meeting individuals wherever they are in their relationship with or without Christ. Many will affectionately attest, 'He simply walked with me.' He passionately studies and strives to live out God's Word. He is tender and compassionate, yet firmly applies Biblical truth into the darkest corners of a person's life, even at the risk of personal loss. He is a man who desires to deeply impact lives for Kingdom purposes. He is not the minister that you see only on Sunday morning, leaving you wondering what he does during the other days of the week: Stan Givens will be walking with you on your journey with Christ." 

— Charles Ford, Ed.D LEED AP: Professor of Interior Architecture, Department of Architecture

"Stan has truly meant the world to me. Although he's miles away, I consider him to be my pastor in every sense of the word. He's the most humble, godly man I know. He's impacted my life in more ways than I could list. I love how he always comes to Camp Eunice with a plan, but is also willing to throw it all out the door to better fit the unique needs of the camp and the ministry. He always goes to great lengths to reach the campers for Jesus." 

— Michele Penn Carver: Owner/President at Chele's Gifts & Outfitters, Baxley, GA; Leader & Counselor at Camp Eunice, Roberta, GA

"Pastor Stan has had an indelible impact on my life. As a young Christian, he mentored me and pastored me in the faith. As a young man in high school and college, I'll never forget how Stan treated me as if I had worth. Here I was, just a gangly goofball, and Stan pastored me like I was one of the most important people in his life. It was transformative. I was important to him and that mattered a ton to me. It was a picture of how God saw me. All these years later, I still benefit from the lessons I learned from him. I still hear his words when I read my Bible. His heart for pastors is deep and real. For many pastors today, the burden of leading people has lead to burnout and exhaustion. I rarely meet a pastor of a small church who is not utterly exhausted. Stan has pastored a small, local church for decades and has a gift to be able to encourage other pastors. If you find yourself at the end of your rope and ready to throw in the ministry towel, do yourself a favor and reach out to this ministry and let us encourage you to fight the good fight. You are worth it. You matter." 

— Dr. Brad Willis: Capella University, School of Counseling and Human Services Department of Counseling