Simplified Discipleship

May 11 at 6:30PM

The best hope in the world that we have for healthy churches is for pastors to disciple men toward strong spiritual growth as we guide, encourage, and equip them to become disciple-makers themselves. 

With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce that our first official webinar will take place on Thursday, May 11 at 6:30PM. Our Executive Director Pastor Stan Givens — along with his buddy Colin Campbell of Pardue Church in Tennessee — will be hosting and co-hosting respectively. This will be a Zoom meeting and is for anyone who may want to gain deeper discipleship training. 

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what will this first webinar be like?

The first 45 minutes will be filled with in-depth teaching and coaching, as well as some discussion Q&A segments designed to answer questions you may have that will benefit the larger group. The final segment will be specifically for pastors and church leaders who desire to spend additional time sharing ideas, digging deeper, and discussing challenges in discipleship ministry.

As we approach the date for this first webinar, we have three simple requests! Grinning Face

1) Please e-mail Stan at to let him know if you are coming or if you are able/interested in attending on this particular date. 

2) Please stay tuned to our social media platforms, particularly our Facebook Page, so that you can share the posts about this webinar. It is also on our Facebook events tab. You can share it from there anytime you like. When you share, please encourage your ministry friends to attend by tagging them or letting them know about it.

3) If you have any questions or challenges about discipleship, feel free to e-mail them to so that we can make this discussion time practical and beneficial for everyone. 


Here are some additional online discussions we're planning.

At 6:14 Ministries, we love encouraging and equipping pastors and church leaders with the knowledge, tools, and resources that they need to better fulfill their roles and to help their churches better minister effectively. We can't wait to implement these upcoming webinars! Stay tuned for more information and corresponding Zoom links.

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